The Organizing Committee of the 10th International Ruminant Reproduction Symposium (IRRS 2018) is very pleased to invite you to participate in this event, which will be held at the Wish Resort Golf and Convention in Foz do Iguazu, Brazil, from September 16 to 20. You can find links for registration, abstract submission, scientific program, social program, and venue here. Please note that registration fees increase closer to the time of the symposium; by registering early, you help us to organize the conference logistics and social program and to offer you the best possible meeting.

IRRS is recognized as one of the most prestigious international conferences on reproduction. As you will see in the scientific program, the IRRS 2018 scientific committee has selected 32 speakers among the most recognized scientists from around the world who will present cutting-edge topics on reproductive biology and technology in a variety of ruminant species, including cattle, sheep, goats, buffaloes, and camelids.

We are excited and honored to organize IRRS in South America for the first time. As you know, South America has garnered significant international attention during the last 15 years because of the increase in the number of high-impact studies on reproductive biology and the wide application of assisted reproductive technologies in ruminants, particularly IVF and fixed-time AI in cattle. Several productive collaborations between local, North American, European, and Australian groups have been fundamental in promoting this intense scientific and technological progress in South America. The IRRS 2018 scientific program will illustrate and celebrate the importance of these partnerships. While providing novel scientific information and an enjoyable social program, we also hope to benefit participants in IRRS 2018 by offering a fun and fruitful environment for new collaborations and the reinforcement of those already underway.

The venue chosen for IRRS 2018 is a very pretty “villa-style” resort offering several leisure options, including a golf course, swimming pools, and a fitness center, as well as a modern and comfortable convention center. The Wish Resort Golf and Convention is located close to the triple border of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay, with easy access to local attractions such as the internationally famous Iguazu National Park and Falls. We strongly recommend accommodation at the Wish Resort Golf and Convention, as we have negotiated special rates that include all meals for IRRS 2018 participants and companions. Finally, don’t forget to review the options and register for the tourist adventure scheduled for the afternoon of September 19.

Looking forward to seeing you in Foz.

Best wishes,

IRRS 2018 Local Organizing Committee

International Organizing Committee:

Robert Webb, Michael Smith, Jose Buratini, Patrick Lonergan, Akio Myiamoto

Local Organizing Committee:

Jose Buratini, Roberto Sartori, Gabriel Bo, Guilherme Nogueira

Editors of the IRRS 2018 Proceedings:

Robert Webb
Michael Smith
Patrick Lonergan
John Kastelic
Jose Buratini
Roberto Sartori
Gabriel Bo

Editor for the IRRS 2018 Abstracts:

Larry Reynolds